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Brand Spirit

Rather enjoying Andrew Miller's Brand Spirit in which he paints out the branding of a different, common object each day for 100 days.

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What He Made

Here's a perfectly fantastic site with which you should spend some time: What I Made is a well-illustrated documentation of one man's artful/crafty creations. A beautiful site; an inspiring read. Go now!

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Personal Multicopter

In the ever-continuing saga of "We Were Promised Jetpacks," (the concept, not the band), there is now, at least, this: A personal "multicopter." Not bad. The article on Engadget includes a video.

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The Ekranoplan “Lun”

Yes, this aircraft really existed: the "Lun"-class Ekranoplan was a Russian seaplane. But, more importantly, it's a sign that there were once astounding feats of design & engineering before everything became generic and boring. Via igor113 (more photos on his...

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