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What He Made

Here's a perfectly fantastic site with which you should spend some time: What I Made is a well-illustrated documentation of one man's artful/crafty creations. A beautiful site; an inspiring read. Go now!

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Personal Multicopter

In the ever-continuing saga of "We Were Promised Jetpacks," (the concept, not the band), there is now, at least, this: A personal "multicopter." Not bad. The article on Engadget includes a video.

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The Ekranoplan “Lun”

Yes, this aircraft really existed: the "Lun"-class Ekranoplan was a Russian seaplane. But, more importantly, it's a sign that there were once astounding feats of design & engineering before everything became generic and boring. Via igor113 (more photos on his...

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Flappers Dictionary

A delightful posting of the Flapper's Dictionary will teach you fantastical terms of yesteryear. From the expected, such as Bee’s Knees (anything that's good) to the more esoteric, like Bell Polisher (a young man addicted to lingering in vestibules at 1 a.m.).

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