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Flappers Dictionary

A delightful posting of the Flapper's Dictionary will teach you fantastical terms of yesteryear. From the expected, such as Bee’s Knees (anything that's good) to the more esoteric, like Bell Polisher (a young man addicted to lingering in vestibules at 1 a.m.).

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Thanks, Pee-wee!

Welcome visitors sent here by the wonderful @peeweeherman. For those that haven't seen it, be sure to check out his amazing website. Thanks for the link, Pee-wee! Having been a fan since my childhood, it's pretty exciting to see that you've enjoyed the Museum of Food...

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Not a Painting

What you are about to view "isn't a painting. It's not a Photoshop job or an artist's rendering. It's a photograph..." [from National Geographic via Gizmodo]

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Better than Angry Birds?

Why waste your time with Angry Birds when you can play Crush the Castle 2? Hurl an assortment of objects at fortresses of ever-increasing complexity as you attempt to crush castles across the land.

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