It’s incredibly powerful to see the work behind a creative endeavor — often much more complex, time-intensive, and unexpected than what you might ween from the final work.

On the mechanical side of creation, we have shows like How It’s Made to pull back the curtain on how the products, materials, and machines of our world are… well, made. Creative work is often more difficult to document since we (as a consuming society) don’t know what we’ll wish to explore until after the final work is produced. At that point, the creation phase is complete and won’t be repeated (unlike products which, by their nature, are made the same way again and again and again).

Rolling Stone did a good job of capturing the process of the noteworthy creation of Jack Antonoff’s (AKA Bleachers) mindset, inspiration, and work in building the Beatles-inspired track of “Goodmorning.”

Process Video: How Jack Antonoff Created the Beatleseque Song “Goodmorning”

The Final Work: Bleachers’ “Goodmorning”

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