• Title: “Flour Ghost”
  • Media: Pizza Flour. A spirit with "unfinished business."
  • Submitted by: Ann H.
  • Ann found this "creepy demon/ghost face on a dough tray while working at a pizza restaurant." Could this be the spirit of a long-dead pizza maker still haunting the restaurant? Or, could this be a sign of a demonically-delicious meal yet-to-come?

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  • Title: “Shake Face”
  • Media: Banana. Chocolate. And a little of "The Simpsons."
  • Submitted by: Crystal C.
  • Crystal snapped this photo of a banana & chocolate shake from Steak 'n' Shake when they found that their beverage was "looking back" at them. Perhaps it has something to do with the colors, but there is something about this profile that is reminiscent of a character from "The Simpsons." Perhaps this shake held the power to foretell the new, forthcoming Simpsons character?

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  • Title: “Happy-on-the-Inside Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper. Unending Happiness.
  • Submitted by: Ann H.
  • A quick slice with a sharp knife reveals this pleasant pepper's inner joy. Ann stated that it "made [her] smile on a crabby day." Now it spreads its happiness to ALL THE INTERNET.

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  • Title: “Happy Ice Cream”
  • Media: Milk. Coldness. Pleasant demeanor.
  • Submitted by: Susan W.
  • Susan seems to attract the most pleasant of food stuffs. Along with her 'Small Heart Banana,' we're starting to think that she might have one of the happiest kitchens around. She reports that this ice cream looked happy & tasted great.

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  • Title: “Smiling Calzone”
  • Media: Dough. Sauce. Fillings. Undeniable charm.
  • Submitted by: Annaka
  • Annaka reports that this simple calzone charmed her & the waiter... before she devoured it.

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  • Title: “Anarchy Salad”
  • Media: Japanese radishes. Political discontent.
  • Submitted by: Anna
  • Anna's salad is sending her a very particular political message. As she states "At my boyfriend's brother's wedding....I was picking my fork up off my plate after jabbing at my salad, innocently enough. When I turned it around to put it in my mouth, I noticed its most peculiar face." We'll assume by "face" she means "symbol." In our experience, when your food tells you to "FIGHT THE POWER," it's best for you to obey it.

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  • Title: “8-Legged Horhino”
  • Media: Horse cookie. Rhino cookie. Animal cookie MERGING RAY.
  • Submitted by: Stephanie G.
  • Stephanie found this merged & commingled animal cookie while at work & quickly photographed this oddity for posterity within the MoFA. It is, indeed, an odd cookie, but the desktop background is real gem of this entry. The collection of fortune cookie fortunes, the fake $1M bill... these things bring up more questions than we have time to address in this simple museum. Something strange is going on here beyond what you see in the "8-Legged Horhino" cookie. Hmm...

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  • Title: “Tentacle Lemon”
  • Media: Citrus commingled with a cephalopod.
  • Submitted by: Andrea F.
  • Andrea calls this a "tentacle lemon" (found on a tree in her backyard). We thought it might be a young version of the Scandalous Lemon. Whatever the case, it's just wrong.

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  • Title: “Coffee Dragon”
  • Media: Coffee. Lack of Creamer. Mythic Creature.
  • Submitted by: Sierra
  • Sierra discovered that the ever-elusive "Dragón do café" (Gaelic for "Dragon of the Coffee") was living inside of her whipped cream canister when she fortuitously ran out of creamer one morning. While many would have recommended protecting & caring for such a noble creature, she quickly beheaded it with a spoon. Long live the Dragón do café.

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