Tony vs. Paul

I wish the fights in the eventual Scott Pilgrim movie would be something like this beautifully executed stop-motion battle.

30 Programs You Should Have (or at least be aware of)

The good folks at LifeHacker have assembled this nifty list of freeware programs that can replace some name-brand (as in bulky, inefficient, expensive) software.  Take a look.  There might be something there that will surprise you.

Wii Related Violence

Check out this website documenting incidents of property damage due to overzealous use of the Nintendo Wii-mote.

The Real Life Office

Anybody that thinks the shenanigans they show in either version of "The Office" aren’t close to life… need only check out this incredibly painful clip.

30 Days of Threadless!

Sometime after dawn or thereabouts (Chicago time) on Monday, November 12th, "The 30 Days of Threadless" $10 sale will begin! {Yes, we shill them for them frequently here – but if you saw the sheer volume of these shirts we possess – you...

Deep Fried Pizza

I can already hear Mike’s arteries hardening with excitement — over DEEP FRIED PIZZA!

Sideshow Malcom

Please to enjoy these videos of Uber-Brainy Malcom Gladwell… expounding on various brainy things.

Name All 50!

Time for some C.O.G.E. (or Corporate Online Game-based Entertainments, if you will):  See if you can name all 50 of the "horror" films referenced in this Bosch like painting.  Notice I’m not naming the advertised product.  Because if I...

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