Script Frenzy!

In the past, we have given much ink (okay, pixels) to the illustrious NaNoWriMo – well now it has a new partner Script Frenzy – a peer-based motivational tool to help you pump out a first draft screenplay during the month of June.  Sign up...


In one simple, continuous shot – enjoy this mini-vacation to a Tokyo Kaiten Zushi restaurant.

Threadless Summer Sale!

It is time once again, for me to shill for Threadless – and their limited time $10 summer sale.  It’s been a slow couple of months for them in terms of quality designs – but they have introduced a couple of good ones in the last two weeks...

Find Hitler!

It’s time to take a moment for yourself today – and Find Hitler!

Andrew Bird

Check out this whole concert presentation by Andrew Bird, one of the hippest, whistlingest, violin virtuosos on the current alt-whistling-violining scene.  {For a quick sampling go straight to "A Nervous Tick Motion of the Head to the Left."}

Deep Fry Fish Tank!

"You got your deep fat fryer in my fish tank!" "Oh, yeah?  You got your fish tank in my deep fat fryer!"  Two not-so great tastes that frankly, are pretty f-ing gross looking when brought together.

Threadless Spring Sale!!!

Yes, it’s that time again!  Spring is in the air!  And with it comes the Threadless $10 t-shirt sale!  On until March 12th!  Get ’em while they’re fresh!


Here is what is undoubtedly my last post of aught-six: Oh, what I wouldn’t give for one of these beautiful and disturbing snowglobes.  I just hope they really exist and are not mere photoshoppery.

Free Comics

Free Holiday Entertainments!  Enjoy these first issues of some all timey great comic book series, courtesy of your friends at Vertigo Comics. 

30 Days of Threadless – update

A friendly reminder: today and tomorrow are the last two days of the "30 Days of Threadless" $10 t-shirt sale.  They’ve been putting out new designs every day for the last month.  Still some good stuff in stock. {for what it’s worth,...

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