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Remember to Vote

 Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones remind you to vote in this video. {It's not necessarily what you might expect.}P.S. Hanttula reminds you to vote too.

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Halloween 2008 Phenomethon of Links

Just in time for Halloween -the 2008 Hanttula'sHALLOWEEN (ever-growing) PHENOMETHON of LINKS & GAMES Java's Cosmic Halloween Special: a podcast mix of retro-lounge Halloween tunes and an eerie radio play with zombies, car races & possessed pumpkins.Make a...

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Tiki Doesn’t Mean Tacky

While I am deeply engrossed in an offline special project, I pop up to share with you a fine article from the Wall Street Journal Tiki Doesn't Have to Be Tacky(If the current economic woes have you down, there are few better cures than a little of the...

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Bubble Calendar

The Bubble Calendar = absolutely awesome. It's a calendar printed on bubble wrap where you can pop the days as they go by. Fantastic. But -- $50? Yikers.

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Classical Renditions of Stairway to Heaven

The Stairway Suite presents the undying rock classic "Stairway to Heaven" re-imagined, if you will, through the compositional sensibilities of: Franz Schubert, Gustav Holst, Glenn Miller, Gustav Mahler, Georges Bizet and Ludwig von Beethoven. It's not simply...

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