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Free Green

 The FreeGreen site is making it easier to afford an eco-friendly, modern home by offering a variety of house plans for FREE.

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Islands of LA

Here's an interesting approach to enhancing one's cityscape:Islands Of L.A. { a faux "National Park" } works at repurposing traffic islands into territories of art. It looks like they're just getting started; so - good luck!

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Sweep the Pork & Beans

Oh, Mr. D.Ball, I see you've linked to a music video that brings together the top 'stars' of youtube. Well, I see your daring-do & raise you one video that reunites the original cast of 'Karate Kid'. 

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Pork and Beans

Sorry for the Youtube linkage - but personally, I was amused when my senior citizen father sent me Weezer's summation of the last five years of the interwubs in 03:19.

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 ManBabies takes normal photos of (what could be) fathers & children, but switches the heads for disturbing results. ManBabies!

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Container Ship Strip

 I rather miss whimsy & novelty in product design. Yes, I know it's still out there, but you have to look for it. Such as this "Container Ship" power strip. Brilliant.

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Indiana Jones Icons

IconFactory is releasing a set of desktop icons for each of the Indiana Jones films.Get your very own idol, Ark of the Convenant, fedora, monkey cuisine & more!  

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The Superest

Who is the superest hero of them all? The Superest displays the drawings resulting from an on-going game in which the artists create superheroes to cancel out each others' powers.

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Glass version of Solo Cup

 The basic, red plastic Solo cup pleases me; probably since this humble cup has accompanied many of my life's happy occassions (parties, picnics, etc.).Wanting to be less wasteful, I've been seeking a reusable alternative for my instances of festive consumption...

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McDonalds vs. Chik-fil-a

 Yesterday, I was invited to a TASTE ADVENTURE while a friend tried out McDonalds' new Southern Chicken Sandwich. To be clear: the photo above shows how many bites are required to decide to throw the sandwich out. Two. Two bites are required.

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Analogies to Live By

"Wikipedia is like hearing a great story in a bar: You hope it’s true, but never bother confirming it."...and other Analogies to Live By {at 'Blank Is Like Blank' }via swissmiss 

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