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Marshmallow Peeps in Outer Space

A little something to keep you distracted while I work on the next 'exhibit of brilliance'...Marshmallow Peeps in Outer Space presents two classic arcade games (Space Invaders & Asteroids) where Marshmallow Peeps have replaced the original characters.

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Theadless 48-hour sale

You've got 48 hours to benefit from super-t-shirt-provider Threadless's 48 hour SALE. Shirts are just 10 bucks until Wednesday morning... unless they run out of stock before then.  Get yours now!

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Tasty the Lobster

Remember the Kiwa Hirsuta?  The fuzzy lobster that they found the other week?  Well, a daring young innovator has already rendered the creature in plushie form (and provided patterns for those inclined to make their own.)

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New Food

Please enjoy these deconstructed food reviews courtesy of our friends at McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

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Kill Nintendo

Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but think that this might have improved "Kill Bill" quite a bit.

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Attack of the Cute Softies

This is a time for ultra-cute softies. Not only has plush-artist Wendy Crabb released the best ever line of softie penguins, but my friends Isabel & Simone have graced me with a most agreeable, mass-produced softie: A Marshmallow Peep Yellow Bunny Plush Toy

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Missing Pages

Check out the first seven minutes of "Missing Pages" - an experimental sci-fi film shot entirely with a still digital camera. 

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Pancake Mountain

Man, what a great time to be a kid. I'm almost 98 years old, but it brings a tear to my eye to think of the modern amenities that I've missed in my childhood: improvements in medicine, better public education & a kid's TV show that blends muppets...

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Pink Dots

Blow your mind this Friday morning with a simple optical illusion: stare at an animated circle of pink dots and, at first, see a green dot (that's not really there), then the pink dots (that are there) will disappear. Experience it here.

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