Yo-Ho-Ho! It’s More Pirate Fun!

I haven’t found a copy yet, but I’m very excited to get a copy of the new indy comic Scurvy Dogs in which olde timey pirates are transported to the present and are forced to seek new employment. Check out this sample dialogue:

Interviewer (reviewing resume): So your home address is fifteen paces from Hangman’s tree due south and your marital status is?to the sea. How nice for you.

(beat panel of pirate squinting at him)

Pirate: I’m three sheets to the wind.

Interviewer: I’m not sure what that means, but I think you’re going to fit right in, McDougal. Okay, I need you to sign right here.

(the pirate scribbles on the paper)

Interviewer: That’s an “x”.

Pirate: That’s me mark. I never learned to read.

Interviewer: Then how did you fill out this application?

Pirate (hanging head): Three sheets to the wind.

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