I Hate Cilantro

I remember my first taste of cilantro – and its almost greasy, earthy taste.  Today it’s one of my favorites, but apparently it still has more than its share of Haters.

Books That Make You Dumb

I am infamous for once stating to a group of breathlessly excited "readers" – that "The Da Vinci Code" was "A stupid book for stupid people that wanted to think they were smart."  In support of my "theory",...

Fusebox Wine

This looks like fun for the discerning palate.  Which I think I have.

Peter Callesen

Check out the three dimensional papercut sculptures of Peter Callesen.  Ooooh.  Pretty.

Chip Kidd at Home

Here is an interesting Dwell video profile of book designer/novelist/"singer" Chip Kidd – directed by a fellow NYU alumnus that I loathed.  So it’s cool to uncool ratio is split dead even as far as I am concerned.

No Pants Day!

New York’s Improv Everywhere just hosted their 7th Annual "No Pants Day" protest.  Check out the (questionably worksafe) photoset courtesy of the Village Voice.

Cursor Madness

Try to beat this odd little mouse cursor game – in which you are forced to cooperate with -gasp!- YOURSELF.

North Wind

Please to enjoy this MySpace embedded copy of the first issue of Boom! Studio’s new comic book, "North Wind", which takes place in Los Angeles following a new ice age.


Okay, I admit that I’m a little late to the Beirut party, but check out these videos of the band performing their whole new album live, in various Brooklyn locations, starting with "Nantes".

Punk Rock Warlord

As a late birthday gift to the late Joe Strummer – enjoy these mixes and mashup tributes – Punk Rock Warlord.

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