“Wall”? Meet “Art”.

I would hate to think how long this incredible animation took. {Please note – the entire cycle loops and plays back a second time.}

American Vagabond

Do you ever find yourself a’hankering for some "hobo rice"?  Or simply longing for the unfettered life of the iron rails?  Then enjoy this photoset.

Orphan Feast!

Lo! The good folks at Adult Swim bring us a charming little entertainment called "Orphan Feast!"

The House On the Rock

Someday I would love to take my son, Dashiel, to experience the olde-timey wonder of Madison, Wisconsin’s famed "House On the Rock".  Empirical proof for once that "more" is in fact "more".


For those into the vinyl toy collectable scene – these handy dandy custom creations by Spookypop – are pretty f-ing great.  {ed. note – you must allow popups to properly embiggen the photos.}


There is some slight nudity at the end of this clip showing transforming clothes at an Italian fashion show.  But the technology is just too neat-o not to share on account of prudishness.

Handdrawn Phun!

Here is a funky handdrawn game.  Not quite sure what the objective is… but it looks purty.


Who knew that all the "McBain" segments from "The Simpsons" formed their own little mini-movie – a condensed study of the eighties Schwarzeneggar oeuvre. 

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