Song Flow Charts

Jeannie heard “Total Eclipse of the Heart” then made a flow chart, that we might better understand. Which then inspired someone to make a flow chart for “Hey Jude”

New Project: Cardboard Robot Command

About 2 years after the original plan (and several weeks too late to be helpful for this year’s Halloween… which just passed…), I am happy to announce the Cardboard Robot Command here on This little project was planned as a repository...

Halloween 2009 – Phenomethon of Links

Updated: 10/30! (original post 10/20) Welcome to the Hanttula’s 2009 HALLOWEEN PHENOMETHON of LINKS Games Days 2 Die: defend yourself from the oncoming cartoon zombie attack (side-scrolling shooter) Days 2 Die – The Other Side: More side-scrolling, zombie...

We’ve got some work to do now

‘We’ve got some work to do now’ is a rather good Threadless t-shirt design that presents Velma & Scooby Doo (the only remaining members of the team) as vampire & zombie hunters.

‘Seeing Double’ Opens Tonight!

I’m happy to announce that Seeing Double, a new Hanttula exhibit, is now open! This exhibit investigates the mysteriously similar films that will often be released at or around the same time, then pits them in a head-to-head battle where YOU get to decide the...

“Larry Goes to the Market”

The brilliant chaps at Mustache & Monocle have taken the saddening security video footage of a drunk attempting to buy more beer and have turned it in to a comical, old-timey flick. Ah, what a little ragtime piano can add to an otherwise dismal...

What’s that noise?

If this YouTube video existed several years ago, perhaps George Lucas could have used it as an example of improving old films with re-editing… rather than whatever he did.

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