“Larry Goes to the Market”

The brilliant chaps at Mustache & Monocle have taken the saddening security video footage of a drunk attempting to buy more beer and have turned it in to a comical, old-timey flick. Ah, what a little ragtime piano can add to an otherwise dismal...

What’s that noise?

If this YouTube video existed several years ago, perhaps George Lucas could have used it as an example of improving old films with re-editing… rather than whatever he did.

Beatboxing Chipmunk

For anything that ails you this Sunday morning, Dr. Hanttula prescribes a simple viewing of the beat-boxing chipmunk. He also recommends clicking “replay” at least 7 times…

30 Dumb Inventions

Life Magazine shows us ’30 Dumb Inventions’ from the 50’s & 60’s. While most are pretty pointless (like the device to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes at once), I will throw down with anyone that tries to say jetpacks are...

Fun Theory!

In a time when fear-mongering is becoming a new American pastime,Volkswagen introduces their “Fun Theory” — getting people to improve their behavior by making activities fun. Yay for fun! Throwing Trash into a Bin Taking the Stairs (instead of an...

Up top, New York

In ‘High Five New York’ a bicyclist rolls the streets of NYC giving high-fives to people hailing cabs (to their happy surprise and/or dismayed anger) (FYI: there are  some F-bombs dropped in the...


Here’s a video of ‘PhotoSketch’ – a system that composes a photo-realistic picture from a simple, freehand sketch annotated with text labels.

Neon Street Tetris

A crew of freeboarders* took over a street in San Francisco one night to create the look of Tetris with large neon shapes upon their heads. *(freeboards are skateboards that behave more like snowboards)

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