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Go Fug yourself

Here is an imagined conversation/cautionary tale based on a photo of Sharon Stone and Lindsay Lohan sharing an awkward post-Oscar moment...   

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Chicken Nutz!

Who in the world ever ate a handful of nuts and thought "Y'know... These would be even better if they tasted like chicken."

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Thomas Kinkade is the Devil

I really enjoyed this L.A. Times profile on Thomas Kinkade - the "painter of light" - in which it is finally, firmly established that he is in fact..... The Devil.

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Booze Swillers, UNITE!

Maybe you're broke.  Or just cheap.  Or maybe it's that your alcohol consumption will bankrupt you at LA's astronomical drink prices.  BEHOLD!  My new best friend (who I don't even know) has started LA's!  Check in here to find...

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Addictive Games

Oh 'Bejeweled 2' - you harsh mistress!I could give some warning that you "shouldn't follow this link," but I know that human psychology dictates that such a statement wouldn't only increase the likelihood that you'd follow the link. So, I'll just say: give...

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One Red Paperclip

Follow this man as he attempts to trade up from his 'one red paperclip' to a house. { 9 trades in and he's already an impressive way towards his goal }

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Oscar Parody

Fan's of "Spaced" and "Shaun of the Dead" - take a look at this Oscar spoof starring Peter Serafinowicz.  It's not often you get to see an Alan Alda impression this good.

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Emigre’s Last Issue

A sad day relived for writing on design: Emigre announces a 2nd printing of its final issue (after 21 years of phenomenal coverage & insight); I am reminded of The End.

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