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It dawned on me later, that if you were interested in playing "Lemmings... with worms!" you might just want to hit up the old school Lemmings. { now available in your browser }

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Fastr -- a Flickr-based game where you try to guess the search term used to generate the displayed photos. Played, in real-time, against others online. Faster guess = more points.

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Ghastly… Knitting

Who would ever think the term "ghastly" could apply to knitting? Probably some of the best knit art I've ever seen... some pieces even resemble work from our Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys.

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Plush Week

Gallery 1988 (in Los Angeles) has PLUSH WEEK all this week with "hundreds of cuddly & stuffed one-of-a-kind creatures." If you are elsewhere in the country, you might want to see if artist Wendy Crabb will sell you one of her fine softies.

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The Lego Suicides

"Combining a morbid sense of humor and LEGOs," The LEGO Suicides.{ a photo essay of death & plastic... in a funny way, not a disturbing way... sort of. }

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Fight Club: Bollywood

At last we have an answer to the age-old question: why don't they hurry the hell up and make a Bollywood song and dance remake of "Fight Club"?

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Whiskey PC

Slowly, more people are realizing computers don't have to be large, ugly white boxes... but Jim introduces us to a chap that went a step further and combined his interest in computers with his love of booze; meet the Whiskey PC

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