• Title: “Alien Egg”
  • Media: Egg. Heat. H. R. Giger. Assuming acid for blood.
  • Submitted by: Pyrategirl Megan S.
  • Pyrategirl Megan may have discovered the lost cargo of the Nostromo.

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Likeness of Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus in a Burrito



  • Title: “Pleasant Pickle Face”
  • Media: Pickles. Pickle fluid. Pleasant demeanor... or something sinister?
  • Submitted by: Leticia H.
  • Leticia was innocently preparing to make some tuna salad and opened a container of the requisite pickles. Before she had a chance to extract a few slices, she was met with the gaze of this pleasant-appearing pickle. Gaze upon its visage. Is it the look of a simply happy pickle face? Or the trance-inducing stare of a MIND-CONTROLLING, PRESERVED CUCUMBER?

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  • Title: “Walking Bird Fry”
  • Media: Potato. Hot oil. Avian DNA.
  • Submitted by: Niels de G.
  • Mr. Niels de G. has discovered another curious food anomaly. This time, in the form of an apparent BIRD FRY. One imagines that this could simply represent a fossil of the actual WALKING BIRD FRY -- an example of which we receive through the addition of Neils' drawing skills.

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  • Title: “Nutri-Grain E.T.”
  • Media: Kellog’s Nurti-Grain cereal. Extra-Terrestrial influence.
  • Submitted by: Jaime-lee
  • Forget the crop circles, blurry UFO videos and other alien-related nonsense: Jaime-lee has found irrefutable evidence of Extra Terrestrials among us!

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  • Title: “Watermelon Skull”
  • Media: Watermelon. Impending doom.
  • Submitted by: Sarah I.
  • Sarah writes: "Reaching into the bowl to snag a piece of fresh cut watermelon last summer, I felt a frightening foreshadowing of my impending doom..." Just in time for summer -- perhaps you, too, will be paid a visit from THE WATERMELON SKULL.

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  • Title: “Banana… Jesus?”
  • Media: Banana. Over-ripening. Divine visitation.
  • Submitted by: Jim T.
  • Jim, who seems to find far more food anomalies than the average citizen, has now discovered a figure in his over-ripe banana. He is certain that this is the likeness of Jesus. Of course, he thought that his pumpkin seed had Jesus' face on it too. We have to admit, though, that this image looks far more like a long-haired, bearded wise man than his pumpkin seed ever did! Jim: it might be time for you to go into business with these religious artifact food anomalies.

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