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DIY Ball Clock

Normally the idea of making your own clock is far too "crafty" for my liking. But this mid-century-inspired clock {from the Indianapolis Star} is fairly impressive and almost makes me want to get out the glue gun: DIY: Ball Clock - More The Indianapolis Star Galleries...

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Efficiency in Banana Peeling

A short video that teaches you to open/peel a banana employing the technique used by monkeys. { hint: the first half is the author explaining his poor technique with banana peeling, skip to 0:35 to get to the good part }

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Glass version of Solo Cup, Part II

Awhile back, I wrote about a great glass version of the beloved plastic Solo cup. That version is beautiful and costs $34. Now, CB2 offers a collection of 2 sizes that are both beautiful and priced between $2-4 each. I absolutely love these. And, while you're shopping...

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Start your weekend right

It's Friday. To get your weekend started, follow these simple instructions. Turn up your speakers. Play the video below. Convince your workmates and/or friends to learn (and join in) the dancing that starts about 30 seconds in.

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Gold Book Cart

I've just discovered that there's such a thing as the Librarian Book Cart Drill Championships. where librarians "compete for the coveted gold book cart ...with elaborate dance, athletics and performance art routines." Now you know too.

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Interactive Music Video

An interactive music video for Soy Tu Aire where you control a constantly moving, beautifully animated "paintbrush" that produces more than simple brushstrokes. Have a go; it may be the most beautiful part of your day.

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